Connecting to IRC with WeChat <3

My main purspose is to build GNOME Builder, and to do it, I need GNOME 3.24. It is running GNOME 3.22.2, so I will upgrade in order to have GNOME 3.24.1

Screenshot from 2017-04-29 18-29-57Updating with sudo pacman -Syu
Screenshot from 2017-04-29 18-45-06.pngFinally, we can check that the upgrade was done! I have now 3.24.1 🙂
Actualización de del GNOMEI need to intall Empathy in order to build GNOME in a near future, by having the help of the online community. I installed first, empathy with sudo pacman -S empathy.Screenshot from 2017-04-29 18-57-54After many unsuccesful attempts to work with empahty…Screenshot from 2017-04-29 19-57-57I decided to use WeeChatInstalar Wechat

Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-24-22Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-24-30Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-24-38Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-27-54screenshot-from-2017-04-29-20-28-01.pngScreenshot from 2017-04-29 20-28-09screenshot-from-2017-04-29-20-28-27.pngThis is the newcomers channel 🙂Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-28-32Screenshot from 2017-04-29 20-28-43The channel of gnome-womenscreenshot-from-2017-04-29-20-30-20.png



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